Protect and Commercialise Your Intellectual Property

If you are a UQ researcher we can help identify, protect, and commercialise your intellectual property (IP). UniQuest has vast experience translating IP from UQ to industry to achieve profound commercial, environmental and social benefit as impact for UQ.


We Support You

  • Identify intellectual property (IP) that has commercial value

  • Protect, manage and develop IP

  • Identify commercialisation opportunities and mechanisms

  • Determine the best funding avenues 

  • Attract and liaise with industry partners, investors, and clients

  • Promote research capabilities and expertise

  • Gain commercialisation knowledge and skills


Interested in protecting and commercialising your research outcomes? 

Contact your Senior Director of Intellectual Property Commercialisation today.


Engineering Materials & ICT

Alister Morrison


Dr Craig Belcher


Dr Craig Belcher

Social Enterprise

Anne Bannister



How can I commercialise my research if I don’t have something that is patentable?

Translation can occur through many different types of partnerships such as collaborative R&D, licensing deals, start-ups, scholarships, internships, graduate employee programs and philanthropic foundations.


What is an innovation disclosure?

An innovation disclosure is a notification to UniQuest of the outcome of a research project or an idea that might lead to an IP position or have a commercial application.
UniQuest will review each disclosure for its commercial viability and work with you to identify and protect any IP, and then package it for commercialisation. 

If you have an idea or research project which may have commercial potential, contact us before you send out your article or conference paper abstract.

UniQuest will keep the disclosure confidential. 


Can I publish if I want to patent my research outcome?

UniQuest is dedicated to ensuring that material created throughout the course of commercial projects will not restrict your ability to publish.  If you are concerned about publishing, talk to your Director of Commercial Engagement at the very start of your discussions about the new project.

UniQuest will work with you to optimise the impact of your publication.

The commercialisation pathway doesn’t need to preclude you from publishing in an academic journal, presenting at a conference, displaying posters at a conference or otherwise benefiting from publishing your work. However, the commercialisation and translation of your research to public good may be jeopardised by public disclosure if it is not managed appropriately.  For example, the public disclosure of the invention (such as by publishing in an academic journal, presenting at a conference, displaying posters at a conference) before the filing of the patent application can render a patent invalid.