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Imprezzeo Pty Ltd


The success of the collaborative approach which UniQuest developed for transferring The University of Queensland’s technologies into commercial outcomes has attracted interest from other public research institutions, and a number of these have since become UniQuest’s commercialisation partners.

The model boosts the scale and scope of research commercialisation, creates a deal-flow pipeline, optimises resources, and builds valuable relationships with major industry players. In effect, collaboration enables greater achievement than any one institution could accomplish on its own. Imprezzeo Pty Ltd exemplifies how the collaborative model works.

In 2008 the Imprezzeo platform software company launched into the global market with its innovative image searching technology developed by researchers at The University of Queensland and the University of Wollongong. Designed to easily integrate with leading enterprise search, content management, and digital asset management systems, the Imprezzeo technology utilizes cutting-edge visual search techniques to help users quickly explore vast image databases to find similar images of content and people.

Imprezzeo’s unique features were built upon on an amalgam of a content-based image retrieval method conceived by University of Wollongong researchers and a facial recognition technology developed at The University of Queensland. The market synergies between the two technologies led to the packaging together of the intellectual property of both discoveries and joint funding for the important proof-of-concept research. 

Building on this initial support and funding, Imprezzeo Pty Ltd was formed to attract additional commercial partners and investors, and went on to secure a significant investment from Independent News and Media PLC. With technical development having taken place in Sydney, the company’s headquarters are now in London where the major image libraries and media end-users are located. In 2009 Imprezzeo signed licensing partnerships with UK-based companies Nstein Technologies Inc and WoodWing Software.

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