The University of Queensland (UQ) has a wide range of occupational health and safety services, expertise and facilities available to industry, government and community groups. 
Our experienced, energetic and enthusiastic team provide cost-effective, innovative solutions to a variety of occupational health and safety needs.

Specific Hazard/ Industry Specialisations

Musculoskeletal health of the working population. This is an important area of research and consultancy as nearly 50% of all workplace injuries are musculoskeletal in origin, representing a significant cost to both the individual and the employer. UQ offers expertise in the  implementation and evaluation of workplace-based interventions to assist with the prevention and management of musculoskeletal injuries. The interventions are targeted towards improving employee well-being while not detrimentally impacting on productivity. 

Wellbeing, Health Promotion and Sedentary Work

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of innovative interventions that target physical activity, sedentary behaviour, health and work performance in office and non-office occupational groups. 
  • Workplace health promotion programmes, mostly aimed to improve lifestyle behaviours like physical activity and nutrition. Includes needs assessments and evaluation. 


Occupational Hygiene / Laboratory Services

  • Electron microscopy / X-ray diffraction asbestos testing. 
  • Specifications and registers for lead (Pb) hazard work.
  • Determination of the formulation and the potential use of hazardous substances within samples. Our team is able to assess unknowns against well-established/legislated criteria and can develop material safety data sheets (MSDS). 
  • Dust fallout analysis.
  • We can contribute to industrial site OH&S plans for hazardous chemicals in confined spaces – paints, solvents, abrasive blasting, chemical cleaning, gas analysis 
  • Occupational hygiene audits/workplace evaluations and surveys. 

Workplace Risk and Safety Management

  • Education, research and training services 
  • Risk management systems
  • Health and safety management systems
  • Incident investigation and analysis
  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Emergency management


Design and Innovation

  • Expert advice, facilitation and design of innovative health and safety interventions. 


Training, Education and Awareness Programs

  • Design, development and delivery of a broad spectrum of OHS-related training and professional development courses for all levels of the workforce, including senior management.


Research and Statistical Services

  • Program evaluation, including the design and conduct of surveys, discussion groups and interviews. Statistical and economic analyses. Design and development of information and data management systems. 
  • Industry-based action research in OHS, including development and evaluation of OHS initiatives and programs. 


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