SeweX is an advanced mathematical modelling tool describing the physical, chemical and biological processes in sewers. It was developed by the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland in conjunction with several major Australian water utilities and the SCORe project. The model provides a scientific method of accurately assessing and addressing system-wide hydrogen sulfide (H2S) issues in sewerage infrastructure.  The SeweX modelling tool utilises the physical and environmental data of an existing or proposed system, and factors in essential pH, residence and flow data, including variables that will fluctuate over time, to identify the parts of the system at greatest risk of corrosion. The algorithm calculates optimal dosing rates, system design changes and most effective vent locations. The model is based on extensive scientific, technical and practical know-how and has been applied in 18 different projects at some of Australia’s largest water utilities where savings of hundreds of millions of dollars have been identified.

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