Why has UniQuest restructured into four channels to market? 

It has created four channels to make it easier for industry to engage with UQ.  People within industry broadly know if they are seeking innovations or expertise in Engineering, Materials and ICT (EMICT), Health, Science or Social Enterprise.

What is the relevance to me as a researcher of UniQuest’s four channels?

Your research outcomes fall into a market channel depending on where there is an industry need. 

It is not always easy to know exactly what the application may be in the early stages of your research. 

Whilst your Faculty or Institute is not the determinant for which channel you belong, if it is not apparent based on your research application, then the following is a guide to which Senior Director you should contact first, depending on whether you're wanting expertise or IP commercialisation.


Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & IT
Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology
Sustainable Minerals Institute
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Diamantina Institute
Institute for Molecular Biosciences
Queensland Brain Institute
Faculty of Science
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation
Global Change Institute
Faculty of Business, Economics & Law
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Institute for Social Science Research

I’ve heard about Research Partnership Managers (RPMs), what is their role and interaction with UniQuest?

The Research Partnership Managers (RPMs) report to the Director of the UQ Research Partnerships Office and work closely with the relevant Faculty Associate Deans of Research/Institute Deputy Directors of Research. Their role is to build and maintain effective and productive interaction with industry partners regarding the management of research grant contracts and agreements. 

UniQuest advises the RPMs regarding intellectual property and other commercialisation terms and conditions when they are drafting research grant contracts.


How do I decide if I should talk to UniQuest or a Research Partnership Manager in my Faculty or Institute?

You can go to the most relevant person from either UniQuest or amongst the RPMs and they will let you know if you should continue to work with them or their counterpart depending on the nature of your situation. The decision path they will apply is as follows:


UniQuest manages research agreements when:

  • the project requires UQ to take on non-trivial commercial risk; or

  • the project requires UQ to grant commercial rights beyond an ‘option to license on normal commercial terms’; or

  • UniQuest can add value to the content or process including, for example, large scale multi-party initiatives requiring significant project management; or

  • tenders are submitted direct to the funding provider by UniQuest, including for example, expertise commercialisation proposal to an expression of interest; or

  • the project has been initiated and developed by UniQuest, including for example, research contracted through a UQ start-up company or funding associated with a UQ technology licence.


UQ Research Management Office administers research projects:

  • that are solely aimed at public good outcomes;

  • where the research outcomes are unlikely to result in any commercially valuable intellectual property;

  • when the agreement does not cover commercialisation options other than a first right of refusal in favour of the client, with actual commercialisation strategies and rates to be negotiated at a later date.