UniQuest is Australia's leading commercialising entity.

We specialise in commercialising the intellectual property of The University of Queensland and benchmark in the top tier of technology transfer worldwide. 

Our Vision

To facilitate commercialisation to achieve profound commercial, environmental and social benefits as impact for UQ.

Our Mission

To commercialise UQ's intellectual property, expertise and research outcomes to create demonstrable value for UQ, for society, and to do so in a way that is financially self-sustaining.


UniQuest builds industry engagement and commercialisation outcomes for UQ. 

Our Values

Act with Integrity

We act with honesty, integrity and professionalism and uphold the highest ethical standards. We are committed to transparency and accountability to our shareholders and customers.

We work in the best interests of UniQuest and the UniQuest team. Our personal interests are secondary to UniQuest's best interests.



We build long-term trusted relationships with our internal and external customers for mutual benefit.



We trust in the integrity, strength and ability of UniQuest and its staff to fulfil its promises and commitments. We respect our colleagues and partners and work together for shared success.



We are receptive to new ideas. We are accessible to our colleagues and partners to enable effective and positive working relationships and to respond to both personal needs and business opportunities.

We are

Our clients are the centre of our world. We listen, understand and tailor solutions.


We understand one size won't fit all when it comes to structuring research collaborations and commercial deals. We are flexible about deal structures to ensure we forge valuable and enduring partnerships and win/win outcomes. 
We come from industry and are highly networked. We are aware of the issues affecting industry and are motivated to partner and solve real-world problems.
Business savvy
We are professionals who understand industry needs.  Our place in the supply chain is between academia and industry.
Structured for results
Our business is structured into four easy-to-access market channels through which we locate the world-class expertise and innovation you seek. 
Local and global
We collaborate with clients who are small, medium and large, span every market sector and are in every corner of the globe.
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Available Innovations
Methylscape Cancer Diagnostic: Rapid method for identifying and isolating cancer genomic and cell free DNA

A fast method for differentiating cancer DNA from normal DNA based on physicochemical properties imparted by global DNA methylation profile

Novel constructs for flavivirus vaccines and diagnostics

A new chimeric virus platform suitable for use in flavivirus vaccine and diagnostic applications.

Novel adjuvant to re-sensitise antibiotic-resistant bacteria to treat pyoderma

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified adjuvants which can re-sensitise tetracycline-resistant strains of group A streptococcus and restore its activity in a skin infection model.

Active Filter Plasma

A Novel NOx and Particulate Matter Filter Using Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP)

Rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction

The ability to amplify and detect specific DNA sequences