UniQuest makes it easy for industry to access UQ's expertise and facilities to advance their own products and services - whether it is to understand and fix a recurring problem, to have independent analysis or verification of your product, or to accelerate the development of your own innovation.
You don’t need to search through UQ’s 7000+ researchers or navigate UQ's faculties and institutes to find what you need.
Depending on your circumstances, you can access an expert for a discrete need – on a consulting or expert witness basis – or engage with one of our six service businesses, or we will work with you to build a bespoke solution where we deliver on a contract research basis.
We do this professionally, entering into over 400 contracts per year – many with repeat clients.
Contact UniQuest today - we’ll find the right expertise for you.


Find an expert

Simply let us know what is the problem you are wanting to solve or the expertise you are looking for and let us do the searching for you.  We can help find the appropriate expert to suit your requirements. 
Email an enquiry to find an expert or contact the Contract Manager in the Expertise Commercialisation group, corresponding to the UniQuest channel to market most appropriate to your need.



Bespoke solutions and services

UniQuest can tailor plan each project to deliver the unique needs of each client.
If you have a specific, unusual or one-time need, then we offer bespoke contract services.  Speak to the Contract Managers in the Expertise Commercialisation group corresponding to the UniQuest channel to market most appropriate to your need and let us find the most appropriate UQ researcher to address your need and to bring together a proposal for you to consider.


When you contact us, our professional Contract Managers will:
  • Listen to understand and define your need
  • Scope the project
  • Establish costing
  • Identify the UQ researcher(s) with the right knowledge and skills required to address your need
  • Provide you with a resume of their expertise and experience, so you can make an informed decision about working with them
  • Provide you with a straight-forward contract outlining terms and conditions
  • Engage the UQ researcher(s) in a client-consultant relationship for you
  • Manage confidentiality, intellectual property and other contractual matters
  • Professionally manage your contract
No matter what the industry problem or project challenge, we are committed to delivering high quality solutions, on time and to budget, that provide value and lasting beneficial impact.





Case Studies


Danisco Animal Nutrition

Read about our recent work with Danisco Animal Nutrition, and discover how UQ’s animal nutrition expertise can benefit your company.



UQ Planning Services

UQ is uniquely placed to offer small-scale urban and regional planning consultancy services.



Occupational Health and Safety

Innovative health and safety services, expertise and facilities for industry, government and community groups.



Materials Performance and Investigations

Increasing the availability of locomotives and rollingstock

Go direct to one of our service businesses

UniQuest currently operates 6 service business where, over the years, there has been consistent market demand from industry for that expertise and capability.
The service businesses have been formed to make it even easier for industry to access the expertise and capability from UQ, and for UQ to deepen and broaden its research strength in that specialty area to further enhance its offering to industry.
Where we have had consistent demand from the market for certain UQ expertise, we have formed a service business around that demand.
The different service businesses provide commercial expertise in a range of areas from telehealth, to cultural heritage, materials characterisation, environmental toxicology, to preclinical development for therapeutic drug candidates and sulphide modelling for sewer infrastructure.
You can contact our service businesses directly through the links below
The service business are separate trading names of UniQuest giving you the peace of mind knowing that UniQuest provides contractual advice and support to each.

Cultural and heritage management
for communities, resources sector, 
developers and Government


Services to extend operational
life of existing sewer systems
and infrastructure 


Telehealth services bringing
healthcare specialists into
aged care facilities

Testing services in materials
and metallurgical engineering,
failure analysis, and durability


Preclinical contract research organisation
for global pharmaceutical,biotechnology
and nutraceutical industries


Environmental toxicology and risk
assessment services to safeguard
the environment and human health


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